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            1. Welcome to Suzhou Jin Zhi Hua Building Material Technology Co., Ltd. !
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              Suzhou Jin Zhi Hua Building Material Technology Co., Ltd.
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              Keys:Magnetic Operator Blinds Between Glass
              ·Sunshade and heat Protection:
              Summer, fully close the blinds slat, the Aluminum- Magnesium Alloy slats can block the direct sunshine and far-infrared from the exterior objects, it takes sunshade effect. The insulated air can block the heat transmit from outside to inside and air convection, it takes heat protection effect
              ·Sound/Radiation Proof:
              Huge sealed air gap between glass with built-in blinds, better minimizing the noisy.  The Aluminum- Magnesium Alloy slats can block different wave light get in.
              ·Dust Free:
              Using insulated Glass structure blocked the inside and exterior air, makes the blinds clean and without pollution by dust.
              ·Thermal Insulation:
              Winter, fully raised the blinds slats. In daytime sunshine can get into the room and gather the heat to warm the house. In nighttime, fully close the blinds slat, can block the heat transmit to outside to keep room warm.
              ·Frost Proof/ Fire-Resistant:
              The Insulated Glass air tightness and water tightness, block the exterior air penetrate. Tempered Glass and Aluminum- Magnesium Alloy can’t burn and no heavy smoke, it can minimize the fire spread.
              ·Light Control:
              The built-in blinds can tilt 180 degrees; can adjust any angle you wanted.
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              Thermal Protection
              Privacy Protection
              Clean: Built in blinds are very easy to clean, just need clean the glass.

                   SuZhou Jin Zhi Hua Building Material Technology which establish at 2013. We focus on product research and production, our mission is providing better quality, better service and lower cost products to our customer.
                  In the past 5 years, our diligence and intelligence get customer and social’s recognition. We developed both domestic and export market.
                  In the upcoming 5 years, we’re continuing enlarge the investment in product developing; work hard to provide technology, environmental, comfortable products to customer. We’re optimizing our supply chain and product design to provide customize and efficient service...

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              Cycle test..
              Blade forming machine
              Blade form..
              Polysulfide rubber
              News +MORE
              The first batch of social organizations in liaoning province recommended the list of high quality products [2018-5-25]
              The first batch of social organizations in liaoning province recommended the list of high quality..
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